Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Monday!!!

So i needed to make it through my first day on the life altering plan before posting! The day started slow, slept in enough that the inclination to run was drifting away. But i had laid out my clothes and decided that i should go for it. Then i went to grab my running ipod....dead!!! Keep in mind it had been a while since i used it. I move onto my car ipod...dead!!! Then i move onto my husband's ipod...almost dead!!! I have a very hard time running without music so this was a huge problem. Finger's crossed i took Will's ipod out and i started on my run. I'm not sure what died first, the ipod or me. I lasted 2. whatever km and it was not pretty. Big recommendation for all the newbies that start a workout regimen, Do not do for 4 months and then take 5 weeks off! You will pay!

Diet so far was pretty good, I had a healthy breakfast of cottage cheese and berries. Then I decided to pay a visit to my Uncle. His house is diet suicide!!! If he wasn't stuffing chocolate into my son's pants, hands and mouth he was stuffing it into my purse for my other son, husband and supposedly myself. Since I adore my uncle, I wasn't going to proclaim that I have decided to start a fabulous new way of life and chocolate was not in any way, shape or form part of this. I ended up leaving with a ziploc bag stuffed full of big turk, smarties and tootsie rolls. Not to mention the Safeway bag full of Doritos and crunchits. Although I loved his wife Sue's explanation on how this would fit into my plan. Doritos are made with corn and corn is a vegetable and therefore Dorito's are really really healthy. I'm wondering if she could come up with something for sour patch kids.

Rest of the day was great! I even ended up at bootcamp for the first time in 4-5ish weeks. As promised, Jaime made me pay! I ended up informing her that she really required a bucket in her workout room as I was probably going to use it. I'm going to be sore tomorrow but i am super glad I went. This was a good first day and I was really excited to start today but making it through just has me more motivated.

Day 1 Done!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The First 10KM: It's all gone baby!!!

The First 10KM: It's all gone baby!!!: "These are the words of my loving husband as he finished off the last of the wine (one of my dearest friends). The decision to write this blo..."

It's all gone baby!!!

These are the words of my loving husband as he finished off the last of the wine (one of my dearest friends). The decision to write this blog and document my life and choices for the next few months may actually start with these words! I love wine! I love candy, sweets and pretty much anything that I can stuff in my mouth that is bad for me. I am one of those dieter's that my husband commonly refers to as "Monday dieter's". I fell off the wagon, it's ok, i'll start again on Monday! It's Thanksgiving...i couldn't possibly not eat pie with double churned ice cream. I'm really tired, I should order a pizza! Or the best...I was really good today, I even worked out, I can eat whatever the hell i want!!! I pat myself on the back if i make a really good meal at home, so therefore we must have wine!

My Monday Diet habit makes me the prime candidate for a little experiment i call "My bad habits need an overhaul". I have all the right reason's to start this experiment, 2 kids that need to be healthier, a husband that needs to be healthier and it ideally should start with me. I decided 4 months ago that i would give running a try. Now to all my old friends and family members this was something very out of the ordinary for me. I was the one who always declared that I detested running...hated it....would never do it. I had a very fabulous friend who convinced me if i signed up for a 10km run that i would be forced to work out and run even if i didn't really want to. I thought about this and with a little prodding from this wonderful friend i bit the bullet and did it. I had 3 months to prepare. First time out i remembered why i had declared that i hated running! It hurts....everything!!! My knees, my legs, my back....everything! I couldn't even make it down the stairs the next day without whimpering. I think that i did 2.5 km 2:1 intervals. That's 2 minutes walking and 1 minute running. The panic seriously set in. But to my saving grace i had a fabulous support network! There were girls banging on my door every second morning holding me accountable, there was my boot camp trainer giving me positive encouragement and then making me pay even more, and my biggest supporter, my husband. Making sure my alarm was set, i had my clothes out the night before and usually up waiting for me.

Step forward 3 months and i did run that 10 Km! It was doing 3:1's that's 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking. I have to say that the feeling crossing that finish line with the same girls that were there for me and with me with my husband taking pictures was one of the most elating feelings i have ever felt. It also helped that there was a ginormous cupcake waiting for me as well! Totally the right race to start with for a sweet lover like myself. So step forward another month, i have run maybe 3 or 4 times, diet isn't even part of the equation and my bootcamp instructor is going to kick my ass when i show up again as i have not been for a month! So what led to the step back? Bad habits for my entire life, making excuses, and life circumstances!

So this is my declaration....starting Monday (we have to start somewhere), I will be on the bandwagon and I will be running that half marathon in April that i have been considering. This blog holds me accountable but writing it i believe might help me and maybe just maybe it might help all of those other monday dieters that might read it too.